Whiskey-Smoked Brown Sugar

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Happy Holidays, PLS Team Members!

Use the tabs on this page to read recipes that use whiskey-smoked brown sugar.  You can also read the FAQ to learn more about your gift.



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What is this?

You’re the lucky recipient of two packed cups of whiskey-smoked brown sugar.  It’s sugar (no additives) smoked over Jack Daniels charcoal pellets.  The pellets are made from the barrels used to age whiskey.

How is it made?

It’s surprisingly simple.  I bought an A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker from everybody’s favorite online merchant.  As the image shows, the smoker fits easily inside an everyday BBQ grill.  I filled the smoker with Jack Daniels Wood Pellets, and used a butane torch to get the charcoal smoking.  Once the charcoal started smoking well I blew out the flame. This is a cold-smoke process — heat melts sugar, so we don’t want flaming charcoal.

The smoker went into the bottom of my grill, where the charcoal usually goes.  I placed a foil-lined cookie sheet filled with brown sugar on a grill rack, right over the smoker.

Five hours later I took the rock-hard sugar off the grill.  All the heat evaporated the moisture in the sugar, so it had to softened.  I placed “bricks” of sugar into a large cookie tin, then spread a damp paper towel over the top and closed the tin.  It’s important to avoid allowing the wet paper towel to touch the sugar — the damp towel can leach out the molasses that gives brown sugar its color.  If you see any white sugar in your bag that’s what happened.  it’s fine to eat, but it’s not really “brown” sugar any longer.

I usually let the tin sit overnight, and the next morning I’m able to pack the lovely, clump-y, smokey sugar into bags.  Each bag holds between 396 – 400 grams of sugar, which (according to Cook’s Illustrated) is two cups packed.

Hey! My sugar is two colors!

Yeah.  I started weighing the bags and realized many were underweight.  After weighing I switched brands of sugar, and had to make up the missing weight with the new brand. As a result, some bags have two distinct layers of color.

Help! My sugar is hard!

You can duplicate my softening process under “How is it made” to soften your sugar, or try one of these tips.


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You can use smoked brown sugar in any recipe that uses brown sugar.  It’s great on meats and in baked goods.

My family likes smoked brown sugar in these Butter Pecan Cookies from Sallie’s Baking Addiction.

Here are additional recipes I found.  I haven’t tried them all!